On 13/02/18 10:47, Michael Palimaka wrote:
> On 02/12/2018 08:59 AM, Kristian Fiskerstrand wrote:
>> # Kristian Fiskerstrand <k...@gentoo.org> (11 Feb 2018)
>> # Lastrite: app-crypt/monkeysign . Please use caff from
>> # app-crypt/signing-party instead. Removal in 30 days.
>> # Bug: #647352
>> app-crypt/monkeysign
> What's the reason for the removal?
Wait, there have to be reasons for removal now?! </sarcasm>

The only good last-rites messages I've ever seen from from jstein where
there is indeed a good traceable path as to why the dev feels that the
package is "beyond repair". Otherwise it does seem like a lot of cases
of "can't be bothered with this any more, lets kill it off". Correct me
if I'm wrong, by all means ...

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