On Wed, 2018-02-14 at 23:43 +0100, Jonas Stein wrote:
> Did I miss something?
> Who can help to check with (an automatic) testenvironment, if these
> packages will survive?

Don't check with test environments, read the ebuilds. Test environments
will find it hard to catch changes in the installed files. For example
the first issue in that list I found was relying on the inherit for a
make_desktop_entry call. In a test environment, it'll just not install
a desktop entry while outputting a function not found call or something
I suspect. You are lucky if that message is somehow parsed out, and
then there are other similar issues possible. (In this example,
inheriting desktop.eclass should be added to the ebuild before eclass
drops the eutils inherit)

If you want to do it, really should just read over all these ebuilds
manually. A test environment has a hard time to catch some sort of
conditional calls to eutils functions as well, when they don't enter
that conditional block for any reason.
I suspect most others than this xmind are rather simple ones that don't
even have anything beyond declaring the DEPEND and other variables.

Also start with the patch to bail out on unknown EAPI's that you were
planning to do. This can be separate commit done before this change,
once checks are done. Of course ideally pushed together (if the eutils
drop pans out) to minimize cache regenerations for developers.


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