Hi, everyone.

The time for EAPI 7 cutoff is coming near, and as usual it looks like we're 
going to scratch the hardest bits due to lack of implementation. Most notably, 
the following two features are unlikely to be implemented:

1. Runtime-switchable USE flags,

2. ||= (binding any-of) dep groups.

If you want to see either of them in EAPI 7, you need to start working on 
implementing them in Portage *right now*. I can help you comprehend the spec 
and Zac can give you some implementation tips but you have to do the coding 

That said, help with other EAPI 7 items as well as reviews and testing of the 
existing code are also welcome.

The combined work of all developers involved in the implementation as well as 
complete change list and linked documentation can be found in the following 
pull request:

Best regards,
Michał Górny (by phone)

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