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Basile napisał:
> On 2/19/18 5:49 AM, Michał Górny wrote:
> > 1. Runtime-switchable USE flags,
> I need to understand this.  Where are the specs?


Long story short, IUSE_RUNTIME specifies extra USE flags that do not
require rebuilding the package and whose status can be updated in place
(provided that the necessary dependencies are installed).

Implementation-wise, I think you would need to find the place where
Portage decides to rebuild package because of use flag changes (either
due to deps, --changed-use or --newuse).  You'd have to check if all
changed flags belong in IUSE_RUNTIME and if that's the case (and there
is no other reason to rebuild), use a new 'update-in-place' state
instead of 'rebuild'.

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Michał Górny

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