> Or in other word, it is enough to only look at /etc/portage/repos.conf?

> In general, an overlay is a repository, i.e., a valid tree layout for the
> - can the profiles in a repository different from DEFAULT be selected?

> - is the package.mask file apply only on the packages of that repository, or 
> on every packages of
> every repositories listed in /etc/portage/repos.conf?
Actually, I can't remember the correct answer right now, but definitelly it 
have the effect on repos, that states this repo as master.

> is such information implicitly inherited from the DEFAULT repository (even
> though https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki//etc/portage/repos.conf states that it
> is not)?
Usually, that info is inerited from `master` repo of the current repo (that is 
stated in the layout conf file)

> the brother overlay (https://github.com/stefan-langenmaier/brother-overlay) 
> does not specify
> any masters

> - when the eclass folder, profiles/arch.list and such are
> present, is the data from the DEFAULT repository still implicitly
> inherited?
I still insist on inheritance from master repo.

> - when the eclass folder, profiles/arch.list and such are
> present, are they visible globally (i.e., a package from another repository
> can use a keyword of the arch.list and inherit from one of the eclass)?
AFAIRC, depends on the repos relative priority.

> 4. is the "masters" attribute in /etc/portage/repos.conf make the repository
> inherit other data than the eclasses?
Yes, but that attribut is usually not recommended for general use.

> 5. since every repos can have a profiles/categories file, is the file
> /etc/portage/categories obsolete (or should it be)?

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