Hi, everyone.

I have proposed a new check for repoman [1] (with a patch at [2]) that
would warn developers about suspicious '=' deps.

By suspicious, I mean dependencies '=foo-1.2.3' which are sometimes
mistakenly used instead of '~foo-1.2.3', and cause some degree of mayhem
when someone revbumps the package (either by preventing people from
upgrading or causing depgraph breakage).

The check would trigger whenever '='-class dependency is used without
a revision specified and without the '*' suffix. It would suggest to
either use '~' operator when any revision is acceptable, or explicitly
specify '-r0' (which is equivalent to no revision specified).

In other words, repoman would complain at:


but it will be happy if you used:


I think this cause the trouble of specifying '-r0' rather rarely, and it
will decrease the number of mistakes, also effectively making Gentoo
development easier. It is somewhat inspired by the handling of slot
operators (where repoman explicitly asks you to use ':*' instead
of no operator when the latter would be ambiguous).

What do you think?


Best regards,
Michał Górny

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