On 03/07/2018 12:52 PM, Alec Warner wrote:
> I'm really not happy with the tone of this email, so I'm going to
> comment on it a bit.

Ok, it would have benefited from a do-I-sound-like-a-dick proofread. I
don't want to sound discouraging because this is an area with lots of
room for improvement. A better conclusion:

Ultimately, people want to integrate the various PMs with portage
because portage is pretty good at keeping your system reliable,
up-to-date, and secure. The language-specific PMs on the other hand only
care about ease of use and how fast they can get bleeding-edge releases
to you. Having both would be ideal, but if we simply shell out to the
language-specific PM, then that would sidestep the good parts of portage
making the integration pointless. The time and attention involved in
ebuild packaging turn out to be critical parts of the product.

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