On 04/16/2018 11:14 AM, Hanno Böck wrote:
> There's also another question related to this: What's the future for
> Gentoo hardened?
> From what I can tell hardened consists of:
> * the things that try to make it compatible with grsec/pax
>   (more or less obsolete).
> * things that are now in default profiles anyway (aslr, stack
>   protector).
> * things that probably should be in default profiles (relro, now linker
>   flags)
> * -fstack-check, which should eventually be replaced with
>   -fstack-clash-protection (only available in future gcc's) and that
>   should probably also go into default profiles.
> * Furthermore hardened disables some useful features due to their
>   incompatibility with pax (e.g. sanitizers).

Which let me wonder, what I would lose today by a switch from
17.0-hardened + USE-flags to 17.0/desktop/plasma at my KDE desktop?

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