On 12/15/18 3:00 AM, Georgy Yakovlev wrote:
> that should be enough to provide a bit more to initial information without 
> going crazy and clobbering output too much.
> Thoughts?
At least for the tinderbox image issues I was asked by devs in the past to 
include bits for the following software in #comment0:

  cat << EOF >> $issuedir/issue
gcc-config -l:
$(gcc-config -l                   )
$( [[ -x /usr/bin/llvm-config ]] && echo llvm-config: && llvm-config --version )
$(eselect python  list 2>/dev/null)
$(eselect ruby    list 2>/dev/null)
$(eselect rust    list 2>/dev/null)
$( [[ -x /usr/bin/java-config ]] && echo java-config: && java-config 
--list-available-vms --nocolor )
$(eselect java-vm list 2>/dev/null)


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