On 6/9/19 7:39 AM, Michał Górny wrote:
> +
> +All new users and groups must have unique UIDs/GIDs assigned
> +by developers.  The developer adding them is responsible for checking
> +for collisions.
> ...
> +All user and group packages must define preferred fixed UIDs/GIDs,
> +and they must be unique within the repository.  The packages should
> +indicate whether the value needs to be strictly enforced, or whether
> +another UID/GID is acceptable when the user exists already or requested
> +UID/GID is taken.
> +

Maybe we should loosen this in the case of enforced UIDs. If two
user-packages truly do require the same fixed UID (for whatever godawful
reason), then obviously they can't be installed on the same machine, but
we could otherwise support both in the repository.

I don't want to encourage people to add such badly-written software to
the repo, but the alternative is also pretty ugly: if we require the
UIDs to be unique, and if two packages require the same enforced UID,
then whoever commits to ::gentoo first will prevent the other guy from
adding his package later on.

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