On Thu, 20 Jun 2019 09:53:46 -0400 Brian Evans wrote:
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> > +Before adding a new user and/or group, the developer must send a RFC
> > +to the ``gentoo-dev`` mailing list.
> This paragraph should go away.  It is a complete waste of time.

> > +Requiring mailing list RFC
> > +--------------------------
> > +
> > +The policy explicitly requires RFC-es for new users and groups, as they
> > +have global scopes and effects of mistakes while adding them are hard
> > +to fix.  Wider review should decrease the risk of major design mistakes.
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> > +To provide one example, right now we have two different packages
> > +creating ``git`` user and requiring a different home directory for
> > +the user.  As a result, the first package being installed defines
> > +the actual home directory, and both technically can not be installed
> > +at the same time.
> This section should go away.  It is a complete waste of time.

Mail list discussion may make sense only if users or groups and
intended to be shared between different applications (e.g. ftp,
mail, ntp). If user or group are intended to be application
specific, there is no need for such discussions as they will just
hinder development process.

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