I have no idea who wrote this:

"The historical justification for a /bin, /sbin and /lib separate from /usr no longer applies today." but I strongly disagree.

Again, if /usr goes belly up (which with recent ext4/io bug(s) we've had probably about 10 systems already that needed repairing, and at least 5 more that's pending), this fault would require me to head out to site to go and repair where currently due to fsck et al living on / and not on /usr I could recover without issues.

We've been unable to track an exact issue, but all of the affected systems was running 4.14.X kernels, we've not seen the same corruption from 5.0.2 onwards.  So we never filed a bug and simply upgraded kernels.

Further, none of the arguments for merging / and /usr makes any sense other than "others have already done this and if we don't follow suite we'll get cut off".  Not even the statement about network share of /usr makes any sense.  We run completely diskless systems with even / over nfs ... so seriously.

Even most of the myths and facts arguments are plainly uneducated.

Essentially what happens now is that an initrd needs to be built to contain ALL recovery tools that could possibly be required. Where previously, with / being mostly read-only this was still a risk worth taking.

Anyway, from the looks of this, this is just another comply or die situation, so I'm not seeing that there is much choice or say in this matter.  We'll just have to bloat our initrd's even further.  Fortunately they do get freed post post ... just hoping they'll fit into the existing /boot partitions we have on our systems.

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On 2019/07/15 16:22, Marek Szuba wrote:
On 2019-07-15 14:59, Jaco Kroon wrote:

I've seen arguments that it's a historic split, and to an extent this is
true, however, having critical system recovery (and basic boot) stuff in
/, on as small as possible a partition, with the bulk of the system on
/usr makes a lot of sense for me.
That's one of the reasons, yes. For a more in-depth discussion, see


as well as the Fedora feature the above mentions.


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