[2019-07-17 15:25:10+0200] Michał Górny:
> The QA team would like to introduce the following policy:
> """
> Packages must not disable installing manpages via USE flags (e.g.
> USE=man or USE=doc).  If upstream does not ship prebuilt manpages
> and building them requires additional dependencies, the maintainer
> should build them and ship along with the package.
> """

Should this be for any dependency? For example wlroots, sway, … are
using scdoc to transform a form of markdown to manpages, and the
resulting program is very small.

$ qsize scdoc
app-text/scdoc-1.9.3-r1: 5 files, 12 non-files, 59.9K

So in my opinion if the dependency is probably smaller than bundling
the files the dependency should be used.

> Rationale:
> Manpages are the basic form of user documentation on Gentoo Linux.  Not
> installing them is harmful to our users.  On the other hand, requiring
> additional dependencies is inconvenient.  Therefore, packaging prebuilt
> manpages (whenever upstream doesn't do that already) is a good
> compromise that provides user with documentation without additional
> dependencies.

I would fully support that as in my opinion all ebuilds should provide
at least usage documentation though manpages and/or via the 
non-standard -h / --help.

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