On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 03:25:10PM +0200, Michał Górny wrote:
> Hello,
> The QA team would like to introduce the following policy:
> """
> Packages must not disable installing manpages via USE flags (e.g.
> USE=man or USE=doc).  If upstream does not ship prebuilt manpages
> and building them requires additional dependencies, the maintainer
> should build them and ship along with the package.
> """
Reading this wording I feel some of the other response have missed the
intent of this policy.

It would be better as two separate policy statements:
Packages must not disable installing manpages via USE flags.
FEATURES=noman should be used to restrict installation of manpages.

The install part I feel is uncontroversial in itself, as it does leave
open that a USE flag could control dependencies & building the manpages
(yes, I'm rules-lawyering).

Package maintainers must build & distribute pre-built manpages IFF
(upstream does not offer them) AND
(building manpages requires build-time additional dependencies)

I agree with the goals of the shipping manpages, but I'm worried about
the requirements it imposes.

- requires the maintainer has some tooling SOMEWHERE to build & package
  the manpages. Does this go into the ebuild somehow (e.g. a special
  phase)? If not, where else does it get maintained for each package?
- requires a consistent hosting solution for the additional distfiles
  created by this change (projects.g.o?).
- significantly increases the version bump requirements (can't simply
  copy & local-build & quick-test & commit)
- may require special handling to build & ship manpages in multiple
  languages (admittedly very few packages offer non-english manpages).
  => the maintainer now needs to build manpages for ALL possible
     languages. This might require the maintainer has lots of locales on
         their local system.

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