I am also against the part of the proposal about maintainer being
responsible to prebuild the docs.

I'd also like to note that Gentoo users are empowered to locally bump
ebuild versions in this insanely easy way, it almost always works, and
it is really useful at times.

With this policy, this instanely easy way will work with lower
probability, because one would need to work around the missing docs
package for the new version.

Also, I don't see how this would work for proxy-maintained packages and
just with external contributions.

Proxies team members have to trust the docs prebuilt by non-devs?
Or they have to build the docs themselves as part of procedure of
acceptance of external contribution?

Perhaps what they can do to stay safe is to sidestep external
contributions which touch such packages.


Not a great argument, but I just want to say this: source-based
nature of Gentoo has ingrained the feeling in me that not only
everything is open for studying, but also that, most of time, the result
of package installation on user's machine is "sterile", not tainted by
any interference from middlemen.

I think the currently discussed issue is not critical. Feels odd to
reduce the source-based nature because of that.

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