I'm with Rich on this one.  I trust that like me most of the developers here earn pay checks from elsewhere and that our time here is either completely volunteer work, or towards a purpose that suits that of our employers.

Unless there is a way to automate the building of the associated man pages on a build server in some way.  This might be possible come to think of it.

USE flag to enable/disable bundled packages.  Any packages that gets committed with this USE flag goes off to a build server that builds the package and prepares an install (without bundled) and then the man pages can be scraped from the prepared install I reckon and placed on a standard URL, say d.g.o/manpages/${CATEGORY}/${PVR}.tar.gz  ... possibly an eclass may be required I don't know, haven't thought about it that much.

I am in support of the idea that for any given command there should be a "sensible" man page (it could be as simple as pointing to online documentation), but don't see this as a show stopper.

I'll support this proposal if, and only if, there is a way to automate the building and distribution of "bundled" man pages as proposed.

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On 2019/07/21 00:16, Rich Freeman wrote:

On Sat, Jul 20, 2019 at 4:22 PM Michał Górny <mgo...@gentoo.org> wrote:

Yes, I get it.  User experience is not important if it would mean
developers would actually do anything but the bare minimum to get
from one paycheck to another.  The usual Gentoo attitude.

Not sure where I go to sign up for those paychecks.  However, even
employers have to accept that policies have a resource cost to them.

Requiring people to do more than the bare minimum often just ensures
that they won't even bother to do the bare minimum.  I'm all for
finding ways to standardize things so that everybody benefits at a
very low cost.  This doesn't seem that, and honestly requiring
packages to bundle pre-built manpages seems a bit non-Gentooish to
begin with.

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