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> 1. I want some documentation
> 2. It doesn't ship from upstream (without crazy extra deps)
> 3. Gentoo guy hooked me up and packaged it pre-built with it
> 4. Thanks!

The proposal as-stated is:

1. Documentation requires even 1 additional dep
2. Thou may not use a USE flag for this
3. Thus, if you want to elide the dependency from *any* merge graph,
   you must elide it from *all* merge graphs.
4. Thus, you must locally perform some non-standard hackery that will
   be different for every package to produce these, work out where to put
   it which is also not standardised, and also prohibit the user from
   being able to update these themselves via a revision bump, _AND_ you
   will need to put in place non-standard mechanisms to ensure it gets
   updated when you update the package, in order for the documentation
   not to diverge from the sources.

There's a lot of "Ummmm, thats bad" in point 4.

Hence, counter-proposals are trying to look at a way to achieve points
2 & 3 in your list, without resorting to barbaric torture and inherent

We understand the /achieve, but the mechanism proposed doesn't suit, as

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