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> What about a compromise?:
> Deliver a (prebuild) manpage as package maintainer by default, but keep
> a use flag "man-build" (or whatever) that builds the man page for everyone
> (also the maintainer herself)  with use of the crazy extra deps. So a user can
> do (incomplete) version bumps and gets a manpage and the maintainer
> gets the prebuild manpage in a defined way.

You're missing the part where the maintainer is, by the policy,
required to, for every bump:

1. Ensure the generated documentation is extracted from the build
2. Packaged into a tarball somewhere
3. Uploaded to a server that can host that tarball
4. Update the package to use that.

Failure to do this will mean you're shipping out-dated documentation to
the user.

This series of back-flips is just not practical at present, and
introduces more steps where mistakes can break the ebuild.

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