On 2019/08/03 01:19, Jonas Stein wrote:
On 02/08/2019 22.55, Michał Górny wrote:
Add two new maintainer types: 'proxied' for proxied maintainers,
and 'watcher' for people who wish to be CC-ed on bugs but are not
maintainers (e.g. upstream developers).
Can't we solve this simply in the bug tracker? The monitor setting of a
user does not belong into the tree.

The upstream maintainer and all other "watchers" have no write access to
the tree so they will consume manpower in adding and removing their
contacts to packages.

The perfect solution would be that any user can add a watch filter to
my-cat/mypkg in the bugtracker.

Between 2018-01-01 and 2018-12-31 we received and assigned 31280 bugs.
I am no fan of the descriptions in the form "please CC: If the bug is
about x but not y and the moon is in the third house of the lion"

This consumes extra time for every assignment and prevents automagic
assignment in future. We should rather keep it simple instead of
extending the options.

I agree.  I was just thinking "I'd like to watch certain packages, be aware of commits et al, but not get involved in ongoing stuff" too.

The rule should be simple:  CC me on any bugs to this list of packages.

I can then unsub myself from individual bugs I don't care about.

Then there are packages that have changed in the past unexpectedly and bit me (badly sometimes), so on those I'd like to know about any commit going in.  Guess I can set up a git pull + filter myself there, but if this is done upstream then it can work for everyone, and not waste duplication effort.

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