> On 8/3/19 7:49 PM, Michael Orlitzky wrote:
>> That makes me think that we should set
>>   ACCT_USER_HOME=/var/lib/amavis
> We'll do this during the next version/revision bump, keeping everything
> else the same.

The recent homedir problems changed my thoughts on this. The
mail-filter/amavisd-new package depends on acct-user/amavis because it
needs the user to exist when we call e.g. fowners. But, within the
amavisd-new ebuild, we have no way to depend on the value of
ACCT_USER_HOME inside the acct-user ebuild. If amavisd-new needs
/var/lib/amavis to exist and be owned by "amavis" at runtime because a
configuration file points there, then the amavisd-new ebuild should take
care of that, and not rely on it happening transitively.

This is especially true for users shared by more than one package. It
also makes the guidelines easier: if your user doesn't log in, leave
ACCT_USER_HOME unset. I have a feeling that would be cleaner in almost
all cases, and it would be easy to put into repoman as a warning so that
we don't have to manually check it a thousand times.

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