Hi Michał,

To the best of my knowledge this used to be a dependency for DAHDI
(zaptel at the time if I recall my time lines).  I've confirmed that
DAHDI and asterisk can compile on current versions without this, can't
find any other users of this in the tree.

So as far as I know this can be retired safely.

Kind Regards,

On 2019/08/29 12:43, Michał Górny wrote:

> # Michał Górny <mgo...@gentoo.org> (2019-08-29)
> # Added in 2012 and not touched since.  Fails multilib-strict.  Pending
> # version bump.  No reverse dependencies.
> # Removal in 30 days.  Bug #667064.
> net-misc/libss7

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