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Joshua Kinard <ku...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> I know we've got a ton of Perl packages for the core set of Perl modules,
> but doesn't the CPAN eclass also have the capability to auto-generate an
> ebuild package for virtually any Perl package distributed via CPAN?  Can
> that logic be used with the CTAN system in its own eclass and then we remove
> the 16k+ texlive modules off of our mirrors completely?  Or at the worst, we
> might just have to generate ebuilds for texlive modules and treat them as
> discrete, installed packages.

- Perl packages never have more than 1:1 source archives per ebuild
- Perl upstream naming doesn't habitually use "perl-" as an archive prefix
- Everything that is packaged for Perl in Gentoo is mirrored to the
  Gentoo distfiles mirror, and this causes no issues.

So I don't think any comparison here makes sense.

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