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Joshua Kinard <ku...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> Longer-term, I think this entire approach should be revisited by the TeX
> team to make it behave more like Perl or Python packages by having discrete
> ebuilds for these modules.  That's not exactly a small undertaking, but
> this current approach feels very kludgy in its design and is probably
> asking for trouble.  I looked at several of the modules on CTAN, and they
> each have their own version and even have different licenses.

With the current state of the portage dependency resolver, and with
regards to the constant problems end users face with it, I really can't
advise this unless you need to.

Currently working on vendoring rust in an overlay, and 128 ebuilds just
to satisfy the dependencies enough to test *one* package is a bit of a

I'd suggest waiting a few years for portage to see some improvements
here before taking on something that ambitious when the current
approach works well enough.

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