I've noticed a lot of stabilisation commit messages (and a few keywording
ones too) simply state the package atom and not the relevant
release/version. I find this a little meaningless, as unless this is the
first time the package has ever been either stabilised or keyworded, it is
reasonable to expect that there is/was some transition point for a package
from when it first entered the Gentoo Repository.

Therefore, it would be much /more/ useful to have the package-version
tagged in the commit message, so that you could easily grep logs for when a
given version of a package was stabilised, and/or keyworded. Granted, this
is more of-use in a historical context compared to a present (future?!)
one, but I would argue that it conveys more meaning -with- the version than

Thoughts from outside peanut gallery?

Michael / veremitz.

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