On 2019/11/10 20:21, Michael Orlitzky wrote:
> On 11/10/19 12:36 PM, Jaco Kroon wrote:
>> What's the motivation for trying to match the UID and GID values from
>> other distributions?
>> I previously tried to motivate a "purely dynamic" allocation with -1,
>> I'm showing this as an example where such an implementation would once
>> more be beneficial.
> When sharing resources between multiple systems, you need some sort of
> centralized identity management. You can put the users in LDAP, for
> example, and then force everything to authenticate against that. But,
> doing that right is complicated, and is overkill if you just want to
> share some files between two machines.
> Having fixed UIDs and GIDs on all Gentoo systems gives you an easy way
> to centralize that identity management: in portage, where the IDs are
> hard-coded. Once GLEP81 has been implemented tree-wide, users can trust
> that (on new installs, at least), every system user and group will have
> the same ID. That gives you a simple way to e.g. mount shared apache
> resources without having to learn LDAP.
> If our IDs agree with other distributions, then to the extent possible,
> the same thing works cross-distro.
> We don't allow dynamic UIDs because it defeats this whole concept. You
> might not care what the ID is, but some of your users will.

Happy.  That makes sense.

May I proceed to use UID+GID 242 then for asterisk?

Seeing that 42 is apparently off limits by the above argument, and 142
could theoretically also end up being problematic.

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