Tom Gillespie <> writes:

> For historical curiosity there was also
> at one point (similar to
> Having used g-octave, the
> primary issue is as Michał says, there are a lot of corner cases that
> the generation doesn't handle correctly which lead to broken ebuilds
> and maintenance headaches. Speaking for python, catching and
> correcting the use of setup_requires and other insanity visited upon
> us by the wonders of setuptools makes this a non-starter. 

Yes, I agree.

> If you have a set a known sane packages you could in theory write an
> eclass that captures the regularities of those packages, but I'm not
> sure eclasses are suggested for that use case.

eclass is designed for eliminating duplicated code in ebuilds. Therefore
yes, it is the legitimate use of eclass.


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