Am Dienstag, 11. Februar 2020, 16:18:44 CET schrieb Tom Gillespie:
> For historical curiosity there was also
> at one point (similar to
> Having used g-octave, the
> primary issue is as Michał says, there are a lot of corner cases that
> the generation doesn't handle correctly which lead to broken ebuilds
> and maintenance headaches. Speaking for python, catching and
> correcting the use of setup_requires and other insanity visited upon
> us by the wonders of setuptools makes this a non-starter
That's essentially my whole point. Generators are _not_ able to catch all
corner cases but should be able to lower the initial ebuild creation
cost. That could be such things like figure out the license, try to
fill the source url, ....
In principal: Try to automate what is possible and leave the rest to
the maintainer.

But in that state they are a tool for the Gentoo developer not for the


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