[2020-03-04 13:07:40+0100] Michał Górny:
> Summary
> =======
> So to summarize, of the three proposed approaches:
> 1. A & C provide for fast cleanup of old API with mostly-automated
> conversion.
> 2. B & C provide for gradual cleanup of warnings and old EAPIs, i.e.
> stuff requiring runtime testing.
> 3. A & C makes it possible to get rid of -r1 shortly and reduce
> maintenance effort.
> What do you think?

It looks like you get everything nicely with option C, only drawback 
I can think of is more code but you put it with 3. as maintainance 
reducing so I guess it is the way to go.

But I'm wondering if there is some monster not shown by your email but
maybe it's because I might not have dug deep enough into python on 
gentoo (probably because it has been going nicely so thanks btw).

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