[2020-03-22 14:50:25+0100] Toralf Förster:
> I was asked about possible changes of the way how tinderbox detected bugs 
> shall be filed, eg. to reduce the amount of attached files. There were ideas 
> to store eg. logs et al at AWS s3 and use b.g.o. only for the bug report 
> itself.
> I started with the tinderbox being a 1-liner serving my purpose. It grewed up 
> by the needs of other devs. So maybe it is time for changes?
> I do use pybugz to create bugs. Before I do manually check whether it is 
> aalredy reported (yes, this is error prone). Reporting a bug once is my 
> preferred solution. Bercause it is a little bit uncomfortable for me to 
> attach files later manually at individual request.
> I'm open for any opinions / ideas.

I think it might be better to fix bugzilla to be able to send multiple 
attachments at once. AWS S3 might be okay for the long term but I've often seen 
paste services being used and most of them expire in a week/month, so you can 
easily loose the content before it can be read or fixed and absolutely no hope 
to have it be readable if it's an old bug that might have appeared again.

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