Hi Michał,

On 2020/03/23 18:25, Michał Górny wrote:

> On Mon, 2020-03-23 at 10:21 +0200, Jaco Kroon wrote:
>> Hi,
>> https://bugs.gentoo.org/713668 relates.
>>  * Searching for /usr/include/execinfo.h ...
>> sys-libs/glibc-2.29-r7 (/usr/include/execinfo.h)
>> As I see I can either add an explicit depend on glibc which I'd prefer
>> not to.  Or someone from the musl team could possibly assist on how to
>> get the backtrace() set of calls on musl please?
> As someone not on musl team, I think libunwind provides
> an implementation of backtrace().
Thanks.  That indeed looks interesting.

Let's say I do go that route rather than simply no-opping it, would I
add a BDEPEND + RDEPEND of the form:

|| ( sys-libs/glibc sys-libs/libunwind )

To the ebuild?

The code (./configure and actual "C" I'll manage).

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