[2020-03-28 00:15:41+0100] Conrad Kostecki:
> a longer time ago, there were some concerns about privacy reasons 
> discussed here. It took a long time, but there is now a new version 
> released with lot's of changes. Since all results are still by default 
> uploaded, It should be noted, that hw-probeuploads a 32-byte prefix of 
> salted SHA512 hash of MAC addresses and serial numbers to properly 
> identify unique computers and hard drives. Here is one example report of 
> one of my devices https://linux-hardware.org/?probe=6bc7d86b9c. FWICS, 
> sensetive informtion seems not to be present. I would like to gather 
> some opinion about here, if there are any objections about adding 
> hw-probe to Gentoo.

BSD systems also have a similar thing with posting a filtered dmesg
but IIRC their dmesg have much better information in them htan what 
you can get on linux.

This one has a huge bunch of information but it's basically hardware 
and bits of software configuration that most people already put on 
their websites and I'm pretty sure this kind of program is opt-in 

You could have the same kind of issue with stuff like e-file or whatever 
was that third-party "Gentoo Social Compiling" thing which posted your 
compile time and error logs automatically.

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