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On 2020/03/28 18:07, Mart Raudsepp wrote:

> Ühel kenal päeval, L, 28.03.2020 kell 17:24, kirjutas Jaco Kroon:
>> Hi All,
>> https://bugs.gentoo.org/705754
>> Not sure if this is the only one.  This is becoming problematic. 
>> This specific one is blocking a security issue.  x86 and amd64 both
>> needs an updated stable.  I'd prefer 13.32.0 but it's not been in
>> tree for a month yet.  But we can do 13.31.0 by now ...
> You should stabilize on the security bug, not an extra one that blocks
> the security bug.
> Security bugs typically gets more immediate attention by arch teams,
> but often not those that are blocked by a dependent non-security bug,
> as it doesn't show up in the tooling then as such.

Thank you.  I flagged the stabilization bug as obsolute and added the
package list to the security bug and added the two related arch teams
there instead.

It still worries me that stabilization takes this long.  Is this perhaps
a process which we can automate in some way?

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