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On 4/1/20 11:07 PM, Robin H. Johnson wrote:
>>> # I am considering removing this and just hard coding mirror://goproxy
>>> # below, so please do not rely on it.
>>> : "${_GOMODULE_GOPROXY_BASEURI:=mirror://goproxy/}"|
>> So, go-module.eclass provides a good base to follow SRP pattern (single
>> responsibility principle). Looking into that effort I would copy
>> go-module.eclass to my overlay eclass directory and adapt it to use my
>> mirror type.
>> I would like to use directly Gentoo maintained go-module.eclass, but for
>> that I would like to have access to set my own mirror type.
>> I also ask you to update documentation since there is some details to
>> use EGO_SUM, such as you stated in comment[4].
> It's not clear why you need to modify the mirror behavior at all; maybe
> you covered that elsewhere in this overly long thread.

Remembering that I'm in overlay context, lets consider the use case with
a private repository with restricted access from where I need to get
some go module. I need to use an alternative mirror not listed in
default goproxy mirror type.

Ok, you can say that since is not public what is the point of creating
an ebuild? Well the ebuild (so easy to do) turns smooth the maintenance,
the installation into my environment, to reproduce it later to install
in real infrastructure and also provide me a tar.gz or rpm package using
the awesome power of Gentoo!

Btw, my workspace have two overlays for now:

- local private overlay
- public overlay  (where I share what can be shared)

Thanks for your advices,


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