On 2020-04-06 06:27, Michał Górny wrote:

> While at it, is there any chance to rewrite eselect-opencl so that it
> stops writing into /usr and uses environment approach like eselect-
> opengl does?

I think I'd rather just nuke eselect-opencl altogether and force the use
of an ICD loader for all implementations. Looks like it will be easier
than Matt and I thought too, touch wood:
 - as previously mentioned, most of the runtimes currently in the tree
actually REQUIRE using an ICD loader. Of the remaining two, I know for a
fact at least the latest version of intel-ocl-sdk works fine via a
loader so the only one that remains to be verified is
 - likewise, I have confirmed that with the possible exception of
x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers[uvm], none of the presently available
runtimes install their own header files that would have to be symlinked
into place by eselect-opencl.


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