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> An example workflow is to:

Just picking this to reply to though this is more of a general comment
on the two recent keywords threads.

I get that this is Gentoo and we don't want to dictate how people do
things.  However, I feel like this is an area where we'd actually
benefit from more direction.

It seems like we're trying to support more different workflows for
doing keywording/etc than we even have developers doing keywording in
the first place.  It seems like we probably have 5 people at any time
doing actual arch testing but we're maintaining a lot of legacy
code/etc to support 487 ways of going about arch testing because we
don't want to upset somebody who probably doesn't actually do any arch
testing.  At the same time, we have no idea how the 5 people doing the
actual work are actually doing their work, so we can't reliably ensure
that their workflows don't break other than by making sure that we
don't accidentally break any legacy behavior in any way.

What I don't want to do is start a conversation where 27 devs
(including myself) try to tell the people doing a lot of keywording
work how to do their work.  What I would love to see is the people who
actually do keywording share how they actually go about it in
practice, and then maybe try to document some kind of best practice
around this and put it in the devmanual or in a GLEP or something.
Then we can give that workflow more of a first-class support in our
tooling and maybe worry less about others.

I know I was completely taken by surprise by the idea that most
keywording is done using tools these days, and that STABLEREQ isn't
supposed to be a thing now.  Not that these are bad things, but it
seems to have been organic and not really formally transitioned.  The
devmanual no longer mentions the bugzilla keywords, but it also
doesn't mention the bugzilla components and I didn't realize that you
couldn't just turn an existing bug into a stable request just by
adding STABLEREQ and copying arches.  Obviously now I know but my
point is more that it seems like this whole area would benefit from
some kind of suggested workflow.

Heck, this thread is also the first time I think I've seen "pkgcheck
scan --commit" mentioned as a thing.  I see that it was blogged about
a few months ago, but I've stopped following planet Gentoo since
Google reader died.  Maybe we need a planet Gentoo mailing list or

I guess my point is that there seem to be a lot of improved workflows
out there, and we'd probably benefit from them being pointed out a bit
more and mainstreamed.  Those maintaining these tools would probably
benefit as well if more people were using them as intended and they
didn't have to maintain as much legacy compatibility simply because
many don't realize there is a better way...


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