On Sun, 2020-04-26 at 11:09 +0200, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
> > > > > > On Sun, 26 Apr 2020, Michał Górny wrote:
> > The other major problem is spam protection.  The best semi-anonymous way
> > I see is to use submitter's IPv4 addresses (can we support IPv6 then?). 
> > We could set a limit of, say, 10 submissions per IPv4 address per week. 
> > If some address would exceed that limit, we could require CAPTCHA
> > authorization.
> Instead of using the IP address, you could generate a UUID when
> installing the tool. This would also take care of clusters with machines
> that are clones of each other.

That wouldn't help with abuse at all.

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Michał Górny

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