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Thomas Deutschmann <whi...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> Let's assume we will get reports that app-misc/foo is only installed 20
> times. If you are going to judge based on this data, "Obviously, nobody
> is using that package, it's stuck on <whatever>... safe to remove" your
> view is biased:

I see this as more like what bloom filters get you, but in reverse:

- You still have to factor for "what you don't know"

- But now, instead of having "we don't know if anybody uses this", you
  *can* have a "we know for sure somebody uses this".

The anonymization and uncorrelatable aspects are of course very useful
to encourage people who would otherwise be averse to participate to
participate, but its for sure not a sure thing.

It would certainly be an improvement over what currently happens "No
reverse dependencies, thus, nobody is using it".

Bad things will still happen, but the absence of this tool won't stop
the bad things happening, because presently, the existence of users is
entirely conjecture.

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