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> We would need that
> person/team to only enable their test system for gentoostats/disabled
> for deployments. Repeated failure to do that could result in that uuid
> being blacklisted.   Part of the initial profile details for that
> vm/image would be some details about approx numbers of deployments
> (yes, subject to change. But useful to know whether it is 10-15 or
> 100-500.  type of deployment  ie: vm/docker/kubernetes/desktop/server...

If the UUID generation was how I proposed in my other reply: On a
voluntary basis, with ability for UUID's to have metadata about what
the information associated with them may be used for, one could also
have a metadata field indicating what /kind/ of user the UUID was
associated with.

Then people simply installing things for testing, and reporting results
from their test rig could have a "tester" flag associated with a UUID
used only for testing, and then we can exclude that data from the main
reports, while still using it as evidence that a thing may work for
some audience.

The submission rate for UUID's with the "tester" flag could be allowed
to be higher, because it no longer contributes to the overall

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