Am Sonntag, 26. April 2020, 12:09:59 EEST schrieb Ulrich Mueller:
> >>>>> On Sun, 26 Apr 2020, Michał Górny wrote:
> > The other major problem is spam protection.  The best semi-anonymous way
> > I see is to use submitter's IPv4 addresses (can we support IPv6 then?).
> > We could set a limit of, say, 10 submissions per IPv4 address per week.
> > If some address would exceed that limit, we could require CAPTCHA
> > authorization.
> Instead of using the IP address, you could generate a UUID when
> installing the tool. This would also take care of clusters with machines
> that are clones of each other.

TBH, for clusters I would insert a sentence like
"If you are administering a cluster of many identical Gentoo machines, please 
see $WIKIPAGE before enabling submission"

and there then have a few more instructions (like how to enable only for one 
machine, and additionally provide us with the cluster size). I guess in this 
case we can add this further step, since whoever is doing that will be both 
invested in Gentoo and able to read docs.

Andreas K. Hüttel
Gentoo Linux developer 
(council, qa, toolchain, base-system, perl, libreoffice)

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