I start to thanks all your advices from previous emails related to
ebuild development.

I send you this email to let off steam about the big mess to have latest
OpenNebula version available in my Gentoo overlay[1]. This was the
problems I had to deal with:

- patch many source files with sed to change /usr/lib into /usr/lib64
- pretend phase fails for use flag docker because requires
-network-sandbox (I don't see value in the effort to use the
docker-machine driver in opennebula, besides it was possible to get all
required dependencies using EGO_SUM)
- pretend phase fails for use flag sunstone in case of an hotfix release
because it requires -network-sandbox (in this case is just impossible to
manage npm and bower)
- missing parser source files from official archive that I solved using
archive from same github tag using ebuild files to add them
- some files in /usr/lib64/one, /usr/share/one and /var/lib/one with
executable permissions (I need to use cp -a to copy this directories to
the image because the file permissions are set by their build tool, and
there are so many that I haven't the time to review them in each release
using the required Gentoo install functions)

I send an email to upstream with all my complaints, asking them that all
required dependencies for the source code must be present in the archive
and not being downloaded during build.

There are also compile problems for sunstone minified files using hotfix
release, and that's the reason why I have those ebuilds hard masked.

I also do a big improvement in ebuild code from the previous versions
that I had removed since they are insecure.

So in summary, is possible to install opennebula with network-sandbox
but without docker-machine driver and only using stable releases without
hotfixes. Anyway, the pretend phase tests for use flags docker and
sunstone, and fails in case it requires -network-sandbox. So is an user
decision in the end to allow -network-sandbox.


[1] https://cgit.gentoo.org/repo/user/ssnb.git/tree/app-emulation/opennebula

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