Hi all,

I find the idea of having data great, but agree that it can lead to a false
sense of having a correct data base. Therefor two thoughts:

First, therefore I'd like to propose that you introduce gentoostats as a
*strictly timed experiment* and evaluate if it actually changed anything within
your decisions and drop it or let run permanently afterwards.

I have no proper solution for the parameters though, maybe something like
"I choose to keep X use flags based on g.s.", but this would ask every dev to
log plenty of decisions manually (read: I don't think this will happen).

Second, I'm a bit frightened of Whissi's thought of dropping anything
security related based on non-input via g.s. -- I'd like to ask you to use the
information based on g.s. *not* for security related decisions, more for
"harmless" ones like the Matt mentioned: Should I really support feature X while
literally everyone of 200 users uses feature Y instead and I have no real
testing ground for feature X (Matt, yell at me if I got you wrong!).

Kind regards,
Nils (holgersson on Freenode)

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