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> Hi,
> TL;DR: should NATTkA reject request to keyword on arch if the ebuild has
> '-arch' (or '-*') in KEYWORDS already?
> Background: I've recently been rekeywording two packages that gained
> dependency on gevent.  When I was mass-requesting rekeywording, it
> escaped my attention that gevent is explicitly marked '-ia64'.  The arch
> team apparently got mad at me and added gevent to their package.mask to
> make its breakage more explicit.
> I think it would make sense if NATTkA detected '-ia64' there and told me
> that the package is keyword-masked on ia64.
> The flip side is that it would prevent people from using NATTkA to
> restore keywords that were marked '-arch' before.  Of course, if this
> would ever be necessary it could easily be resolved via removing '-arch' 
> first or adding some extra hack.

Play it safe. -* is frequently used for binary packages where an arch
will simply either work or it won't, with little likelihood of the
situation changing. -arch is so rare that I don't recall ever seeing
it. In either case, restoring an arch should be an explicit action.

James Le Cuirot (chewi)
Gentoo Linux Developer

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