[2020-05-11 12:39:05+0200] Tobias Klausmann:
> Hi! 
> As per subject. I am not running any Jabber infrastructure
> anymore.
> Package is in decent shape. Lua 5.2 compatibility is not there,
> but I don't see 5.2 happening soon anyway. The rest of the bugs
> are nice-to-haves and cosmetic stuff.
> I'll keep myself in the maintainers file for another month or so.
> If you want to take over, feel free to drop in and remove me.
> Best,
> Tobias


I already have app-editors/vis with a dependency on lua 5.2+ so I can 
take it if no one else takes it over in let's say two weeks. (I'm open 
for co-maintainance btw)

Only thing is that right now my prosody setup isn't using the ebuild 
(it's an old setup from before I used gentoo, it builds from the hg 
tip/trunk). At least it's likely that I'll just keep using prosody
so a serious while.

Best regards,

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