On 5/12/20 6:40 PM, Joonas Niilola wrote:
> On 5/12/20 8:36 PM, Samuel Bernardo wrote:
>> My concern was about the others, for instance go-overlay that I have
>> enabled.
>> Should it be possible to run a QA check to create a bug request to
>> remember the update of those ebuilds in the overlays?
>> This would reduce the bug management task when searching for related bugs.
> Nothing stops you from doing that, and reporting any issues you find to
> overlay maintainers. This is probably doable with a single grep. We
> _cannot_ cater all the overlays. There has been enough time to react.
> -- juippis

Maybe I understand wrongly, but I had received in the past automatic bug
reports from Gentoo QA check related to my overlay. My suggestion is to
use the Gentoo QA to automatically report that, since with the new merge
with the removal of EGO_VENDOR that would be validated automatically in
future Gentoo QA check runs over the overlays at overlays.gentoo.org.

Anyway I can do as you suggests.


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