Am Dienstag, 19. Mai 2020, 15:56:53 CEST schrieb Andreas Sturmlechner:
> KDE project has moved away from the unloved Phabricator instance to GitLab 
> (, so there is no reason for us to keep this package in kde 
> overlay for much longer.
> If for some reason you still rely on kde overlay providing this package, 
> consider picking it up now and maintain it in gentoo.git or your own place.
> Regards,
> Andreas

I use this tool for my work. Is it in a fashion to push it to gentoo.git?
If yes, I can proxy maintain it.

If I get it right, there is not real installation, but only "copy all in opt 
and symlink the binary".
Is is meaningful to make a fake version like arcanist-2020.05.19?


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