'tc-directly' tracker https://bugs.gentoo.org/243502 tracks
packages that don't respect users' CC/AR/LD flags.

I added new USE=-native-symlinks mode for gcc-config and
binutils-config to ease detection of such packages.

Native symlinks are still installed by default. Nothing should
break for users who use default USE flags.

USE=-native-symlinks removes a bunch of links that most packages
use by default until are overridden explicitly. Incomplete list is:
- /lib/cpp
- /usr/bin/{gcc,cc,g++,c++,...}
- /usr/bin/{as,ld,ranlib,dwp,...}

The rule of thumb is: if a tool does not have ${CTARGET}- prefix
it will probably disappear with USE=-native-symlinks.

(At least eventually) 'emerge' should still be able to build most
of packages in such environment. I expect initial breakage will be
huge though.

Using './configure && make && make install' style workflow will be more
tedious. One workaround at least for gcc is to use something like:
    $ PATH="$(gcc-config -B):$PATH"
It's not perfect. We'll see if toolchain can provide nicer environment.

Typical fixes for autoconf style build systems is to use macros like:
and so on to detect tool that corresponds to --host=/--target= flags
and allows user's override via environment variable.



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