On 26/05/2020 09.23, Philip Webb wrote:
> 200526 Piotr Karbowski wrote:
>> On 26/05/2020 00.34, Philip Webb wrote:
>>> I'ld rather you didn't.
>> You didn't provided any rationale for that.
> I thought I did (smile).
>> Running X as root is anti-pattern, especially nowadays
>> when so little effort is required to not have to run it as root.
> I've never run X as root : it's not the UNIX way.

I am not sure if you're trolling me here, or you genuinely not
understand that regardless of what user you execute `startx` on, if Xorg
have suid, it will start as root.

>> You can either enable elogind
> Why would anyone want to abandon the long-successful UNIX method
> & adopt some complex replacement ?

I wouldn't call running X as root to be long successful UNIX method.
Back in the days there was no way to ran X without root, now there is.

>> or you can enable suid if you want to preserve your status quo,
>> we're talking here about defaults
>> that user can change if he has a reason to do so.
> Yes, this is a regular problem which is unavoidable :
> what should the default be ? -- I want the default to be
> what it's always been & what matches basic UNIX principles.
> I can add 'suid' to 'xorg-server' in  package.use ,
> but why should I have to ? -- over to you for a rationale (smile).

I am not sure what kind of UNIX principles you're speaking about, the
default should be reasonable, running X as root is not, if someone want
to go against common sense and run X as root, he can do so, with
defaults to not run it as root.

-- Piotr.

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