I have transitioned to "away" state as I have to reclaim my time for other
uses. Here I am trying to reduce the scope of my Gentoo responsibilities to
make potential return to activity less dreadful and overwhelming.

Call for successors

The following are the packages I do not currently use myself so have the least
motivation about. Dropping me from maintainers list is encouraged.

WIFI access point service:

* net-wireless/hostapd
(Co-maintained by zerochaos, still additional attention is encouraged.)

Python API for AWS:

* dev-python/s3transfer
* dev-python/boto3
* dev-python/botocore
* dev-python/guzzle_sphinx_theme

TUI XMPP clients:

* net-im/mcabber
* net-im/poezio
* net-im/profanity
* net-libs/loudmouth
* dev-libs/libstrophe
* dev-python/slixmpp

Somewhat obscure build system:

* dev-util/tup


* media-libs/libv4l
* media-tv/v4l-utils

Call for co-maintainers or successors

For these I have some minor use. You can expect me to have some interest 
Still, taking responsibility for them in my absence is highly appreciated.

GUI XMPP client:

* net-im/dino
* net-libs/libsignal-protocol-c

XMPP server software:

* net-im/spectrum2
* net-im/swift

Raspberry Pi packages:

* media-libs/raspberrypi-userland-bin
* sys-boot/raspberrypi-firmware
* sys-kernel/raspberrypi-image
* sys-kernel/raspberrypi-sources

CardDAV CLI tool:

* app-misc/khard
* dev-python/ruamel-std-pathlib
* dev-python/ruamel-yaml-clib
* dev-python/ruamel-yaml

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