# Gentoo BugDay

Come join us over at #gentoo-bugday on freenode IRC on the first Saturday of 
every month

to squash bugs and make Gentoo a bit more awesome.

You don't need to be a Gentoo developer or even a coder to help us on BugDay.

Our next BugDay is on 4th July 2020 and we have started making preparations for
selecting and prioritizing bug categories for that day.

## Bug categories

The bug categories should be broad enough that there will be a lot of bugs being


We keep a option poll open to everybody to help us narrow down the categories 
of bugs to focus.

The opinion poll is there to get an input from everyone about how to best 
tackle the

current bug situation and get an understanding of the community and developer 

The poll is open at https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/Bugday_2020-07-04/

Be sure to vote in the poll to get your opinion heard.

## For developers

Even if you have never coded for Gentoo you can help us with your experience.

It's always valuable to have your experience to guide us.

Things to help with

- Find a related bug that piques your interest.

- Look at upstream if this has been reported to them.

- If not, make a bug report to the upstream developers.

- If they have already seen it, check if they have managed to patch it.

- If not, try to gather as much information as you can about the bug so that

  it may help the developer tackling it.

- Alert us at #gentoo-bugday and interact with us to see if this can be 

## For users

Users are one of the most important part of Gentoo and this is the occasion for

them to talk the developers and make your bugs looked at.

Take a look at the categories for BugDay at the poll link and the final BugDay

wiki page

- Find a related bug that you have experienced and has not been fixed yet

- Try to see how it can be reproduced.Gnome not doing proper logins on you 

- The related bug reports have been ignored for months you say?

Come poke us about these bugs at #gentoo-bugday on the freenode IRC and we will
begin squashing any of
those that are pending.

## Whats in it for me?

Bragging rights, permanently being listed on the charts of BugDay, sense of 

Any person who helps us solve valid problems will be given the honor of being 
listed on

the page.

Even users who help related bugs and find links which make our problem solving 

will be put on a pedestal.

## Contributors

Thanks a lot to jstein@ for being the gracious organizer and making sure 

goes smoothly.

And special thanks to contributors who have worked on our previous BugDays.

Past contributors:

- https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Bugday_2020-06-06

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