On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 10:33 AM Alexis Ballier <aball...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> What about /j #gentoo-media, discuss, join the current projects, get a
> few things done (there is a lot of choice there ;) ), maybe orphan
> unmaintained players/viewers, or check if they are maintained and hand
> them to a specific maintainer, and then see about merging or splitting
> all those projects *after* gaining experience and knowledge about the
> peculiarities of some of those packages ?

Probably best to leave the details up to those doing the work, but I
would suggest this as a guideline:

Keep the scope reasonable.  If you expand the scope to a point where
90% of the project members don't care about 50% of the project scope,
then you're setting yourself up for a repeat of the past.  You want
80% of the project members to be interested in 80% of the packages
being maintained ideally.  Sure, there will be little niches that a
subset are more interested in, but you want to keep it focused around
a core where coordination makes sense.  You can have different roles
in the project but it should still be one project.

If most of the project members aren't talking to each other about most
of the things they're doing in the project, then it isn't really a
project - it is just a category tag.  The point of a project is to
coordinate things that actually NEED to be coordinated or at least
benefit from it in some way.


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